Sections: Aplctns Implmnttn & Testing (2020 Winter Term ITCS-2830-V1650)

IT-Comp Inform Systems (ITCS) 2830-V1650 Aplctns Implmnttn & Testing
ITCS-2830 provides students with practical experience in developing and critiquing sets of application level specifications. Students begin by developing components of application-level specifications given a set of high-level requirements. Students are then given a complete set of project specifications and a completed software application. Students design and execute a test plan; testing the application for compliance to application specifications. Students make recommendations for application improvements. Student improvement recommendations include the application interface, application function, processes supported by the application, source code errors, application security, and application deviations from the original project specifications. (4 contact hrs)

Section Name: ITCS-2830-V1650
Departments: Information Technology CC
Prerequisites: Prerequisite 1: BCOM-2070; Prerequisite 2: One of the following: ITCS-1250 or ITCS-2140 or ITCS-2530 or ITCS-2590
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type: Vocational
Credits: 4
Books: To Be Determined