Sections: DB Dsgn & Implmnt w SQL & XML (2020 Winter Term ITCS-1170-C1601)

IT - Comp Info Systems (ITCS) 1170-C1601 DB Dsgn & Implmnt w SQL & XML
No credit after ITCS-2280. ITCS-1170 familiarizes students with database usage, design, and implementation. It also explores fundamentals of Structured Query Language (SQL). (4 contact hrs)

Section Name: ITCS-1170-C1601
Departments: Information Technology CC
Prerequisites: Prerequisite 1: ITCS-1140 or ITCS-1950; Prerequisite 2: ITCS-1010
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type: Vocational
Credits: 4
Books: To Be Determined