Sections: Computer & Information Prncpls (2019 Fall Term ITCS-1010-V0813)

IT - Comp Info Systems (ITCS) 1010-V0813 Computer & Information Prncpls
ITCS-1010 introduces Information Technology concepts and methods that knowledge workers use to organize and manage information resources. Computer concept topic areas include up-to-date information about hardware, software, the Internet, telecommunications and network systems, databases, commerce and transaction processing, and information and decision support systems. Students develop or enhance basic skills in using computer applications software (word processing, database management systems, spreadsheet, and presentation packages) to effectively communicate for the benefit of an organization. Methods of instruction include lecture and lab. (4 contact hrs)

Section Name: ITCS-1010-V0813
Departments: Information Technology SC
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type: Vocational
Credits: 4
Books: To Be Determined